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I don’t what it is, but there is something about Industry that excites and intrigues me as a photographer.  I love the challenge of arriving on the site of a Mine or piece of infrastructure with a mission the capture it in its best possible light, whether it be Power Lines, Water Works, Rail, or Bridges and Roads, it’s why I get up in the morning, or indeed stay up late.  Please enjoy these shots. slide051 KBR_023 MCP-6 slide048 KBR_028 KBR_027 Indus-026


Hi Followers, today I thought i would post some images that are essentially an enviromental Landscape images but they were produced as images of a variety Infrastructure.DSC_5384 DSC_7486 slide010

_MTC2743 copy 2

It was an interesting shoot hanging out with these guys, incredibly courageous and perhaps a touch crazy.  Nothing but respect for all Emergency Services peeps.


Amongst the craziness of this weekend I did manage to notice our sunflower plants, they are beginning to flower.  So I had no choice to document that.  I hope you this pic, let mre know what you think.



P.S. I forgot to mention that this image was taken using an iPhone and a Ollo clip, how cool is digital technology

Tiny Sunflower