Back to work

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So, my relaxing weekend is now a distant memory. This morning is back into it, starting with a run. As I mentioned in a previous post, running and I are not on the best of terms, but I shall persist with the training, in order to give myself the best chance of crossing the finish line in September. Today’s run was an increase on the last one, albeit only tiny, it’s never the less an increase. The rest of my day was spent editing video, all rather productive 😃


Nice weekend

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Well that was a pleasant long weekend. Here in Australia we celebrated the Queens Birthday. It rained for the most part, but that was ok. The weather provided the ideal conditions for the creation of a pot of homemade pumpkin soup and some oven fresh crusty bread, ummmm. Naps were also the order of the day. Yep good weekend.

Sport012 Sport010

On the 1st day of September 2013, my wife and I will be participating in our first 10k fun run. We will be a part of team Bonfire, a team put together by the hot yoga studio I practice at. So yesterday marked the start of our training, an easy 1.8k shuffle around a local park. Now I’m not a big fan of running, I much prefer to ride my mountain bike or swim, so for me this will be quite the challenge. But hey it’s a fund-raising effort so it’s winners all round really. The real training will start in a couple of weeks. It will prove to be quite the adventure I’m sure. I will endeavor to keep you up to date on our progress, so stay tuned for updates and links to various sites, e.g.  Usually I’m photographing the participants not being photographed, here a number of shots from a triathlon a little while ago.Sport016 Sport015 Sport012

slide032 slide008 DSC_4289

Hi Followers, today I thought i would post some images that are essentially an enviromental Landscape images but they were produced as images of a variety Infrastructure.DSC_5384 DSC_7486 slide010

Here are a few more shots from my bridgecapade, including one I took with my iPhone of the rig I used to get the higher elevation view point, Cheersthe D7000 and my 20mtr mast _MCP7178 MCP_KBR_SmoutBridge-399