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Struggling with muddy and muffled audio on the videos your producing as part of your VMS (Video Marketing Stragegy)?  You do have, a Video Marketing Strategy, right?  Well here is the answer from RØDE Microphones, its called the smartLav, and I have just received mine 🙂  This very clever piece of microphone technology allows you get the mic off your camera and closer to the source, it captures a clean crisp voice recording while significantly reducing unwanted background noise.  The smartLav is simple to operate, just plug it into your smart phone, fire up your built in or third party recording app and your away.  I downloaded the RØDE Microphones app and I must say its a cracker, so much more control over the recording process than using the built in note recorder app on the iPhone.  The really good news is that these little beauties sell for less than $70, bargain.  Keep an eye out for my how to video on recording sound using the RØDE Microphones smartLav soon.IMG_3574


It was an interesting shoot hanging out with these guys, incredibly courageous and perhaps a touch crazy.  Nothing but respect for all Emergency Services peeps.



Posted: June 5, 2012 in General

Well here we are again at the skate park, bloody cold today, for Brisbane that is. Max has moved up to up to ride his bike at the skate park, apparently scooters are not dangerous enough. Thankfully no big kids here today, just a gaggle of 4 and 5 year olds accompanied by parents. Quite the party atmosphere, lol.



Posted: May 24, 2012 in General

It seems lately I am continually reminded of the rate at which time passes. There is of coarse the usual markers, my birthday,Wedding Anniversary, my wife’s birthday etc. but more more lately it’s my children’s milestones. Yesterday for example, my son came to me and announced, “hey Dad I have a wobbly tooth”. And sure enough, my little boy is becoming a big boy. I did not expect that news to have such a big effect on me, but I must admit to a small tear. It was a happy / sad day though, because as he gets older we can expand the number of we can have fun. That is of coarse until he reaches the age when he’ll turn to me and say “ah, maybe not Dad”. But until then will do my best not wish my time away.

Can’t watch

Posted: May 23, 2012 in General

I think I have the best job in the world. Although the word “job” does not really seem applicable as it implies a certain amount of hard work and drudgery, and I can honestly say that photography for me never occurs as being dreary . It is how ever at times challenging, and that’s the fun bit. One of the best things is that I have the time to accompany my son Max to the skate park in Jindalee most days. I love watching him press the limits of himself and his scooter completely unintimidated but older kids on bikes and skateboards. On days like today, however it’s less stressful to look away or to blog on my phone. There are about 20 kids pedaling and skating flat out on a relatively small concrete pad, remarkably no collisions.
As dusk descends the night air starts to chill, the numbers have dramatically thinned, stress level returns to normal. Spoke to soon, Max and concrete meet. No damage, Max scoots on. The highlight is hearing a familiar little voice go “woo hoo” as he conquers his latest challenge. We are outta here, home for dinner. I love my job

New Images to see

Posted: May 8, 2012 in General, Recent Images

G’day to all,

I have just uploaded some new shots of recent photographic assignments, so plaes check em out.  You can do this by clicking the Commerical Portfolio tab at the top of the blog or click this link,

There are a couple of new Timelapses as well.

Cheers for now, Michael

3 Weeks in, coming along nicely

Posted: November 21, 2011 in General

This years Movember is going well, even the missus is ok with it.