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Ok, so if you’re like me and wear some kind of eyewear, and or if you’re in the Photographic/Film industry, keeping lenses clean can be somewhat of a challenge.  Many lens cloths I have used in the past gave up the ghost pretty quickly.  Good news, I have come across the best lens cloth ever.  Oddly produced by a company that makes awesome microphones, yes you guessed it RØDE Microphones, and I’m happy to say they sell them on their site for the the princely sum USD$2.50, and here’s a link,

I received my first, in a goodie bag at a RØDE Microphones event, it has  lasted for ages.  I was impressed by the quality and the size of the cloth, nice and generous,  happy lens cleaning peeps.




Struggling with muddy and muffled audio on the videos your producing as part of your VMS (Video Marketing Stragegy)?  You do have, a Video Marketing Strategy, right?  Well here is the answer from RØDE Microphones, its called the smartLav, and I have just received mine 🙂  This very clever piece of microphone technology allows you get the mic off your camera and closer to the source, it captures a clean crisp voice recording while significantly reducing unwanted background noise.  The smartLav is simple to operate, just plug it into your smart phone, fire up your built in or third party recording app and your away.  I downloaded the RØDE Microphones app and I must say its a cracker, so much more control over the recording process than using the built in note recorder app on the iPhone.  The really good news is that these little beauties sell for less than $70, bargain.  Keep an eye out for my how to video on recording sound using the RØDE Microphones smartLav soon.IMG_3574

Firstly would like to say that I have nothing but full respect for the Surf Life Saving community and the work they do, and lets be frank it is work, be it paid or volunteer, and therefore that makes the ocean their workplace. Now I know that it appears that there is a lot just hanging out at the beach checking out the talent, however the beach is a dangerous place for swimmers and life savers alike, as is evident by how many people lose their lives every year. Lately there has been a fair amount of hubbub in the media about boat crews wearing helmets and life jackets. I can’t see why there seems to be some resistance to this, surely this is an OHS issue. There is no shame in wearing PPE guys, it does not make you less of a man, and if it does not impede your ability to perform you job, what’s the problem? Think about your family and friends guys not just how you look or how you think you maybe perceived. Hard as nails blokes wear protective gear everyday on construction and mine sites and in many work places. Time to legislate this I think. Why wait until a rescuer is knocked out by his own board while performing a rescue and both rescuer and rescued perish, that would be very sad day.